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Picos da Europa – Walking Tour


moderate level walks

In the eighth century AD Christians gathered in these mountains fleeing from the Moorish invasion. This natural barrier has proved so efficient that it was from here that the Christians started to reconquer the lost territory, a movement called “Reconquista” (conquering the lost lands).postit

These mountain formations are located in the Cantabrian Mountains and they cover the Spanish provinces of Asturias, Cantabria and Castile y León.
The combination of its average altitude with its proximity to the sea allows you to simultaneously enjoy the view of snowy peaks while tasting delicious cheeses and wines on a sunny terrace by the sea.

picos001This tour was designed for those who love moderate active vacations. Days are filled with activities like hiking and guided visits that allow you to better enjoy the several locations and know the culture of this magnificent region.
For photography lovers there will be plenty of photo opportunities, from wide open spaces with mountains that rise to the sky to fabulous details.
I’m counting on you!

Day 1 – Landing in Madrid – The capital city of Spain and also the largest Spanish city. You will be landing at the Barajas Airport where we will be waiting for you.
Day 2 – From Madrid to Cain – We will meet you at your hotel in Madrid to pick you up to Picos da Europa. During the transfer you will have the opportunity to have walk in Burgos where you can visit the Cathedral of Burgos declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Day 3 – River Cares Gorge – The famous “Garganta del Cares” (River Cares Gorge) perhaps the most emblematic walk around.
This is a moderate level 12km walk on uneven terrain where most likely you will find school children and/or families walking the trail.
Day 4 – From Bulnes to Sotres – “Bulnes la Villa”, a small village which can only be accessed using the funicular (our case) or walking the long hike up along the hillside. From Bulnes and walking by the “Coll Pandebano” we will arrive to Sotres. In the meantime we will take some pictures from the Naranjo de Bulnes.
Day 5 – Hermida’s Canyon – In between the Massif Central and the Eastern Massif we will walk along the river Deva on some trails used by the trout’s fishermen. The sounds of running waters are very relaxing and there are always possibilities to meet some local people.
Day 6 – Fuente Dé – The Fuente Dé cable car will take us to the plateau where we will start our walk to a mountain hut called “Cabaña Veronica”. These wide open views are breathtaking and quite different from previous landscapes which adds diversity to the tour.
Day 7 – Covadonga and Cangas de Ónis – A visit to Covadonga and Cangas de Onis is “mandatory” to know the region.
Covadonga is an extremely important site of the medieval Iberian history and you will also walk along its gorgeous lakes.
Day 8 – Return to Madrid – Driving to Madrid will give us the opportunity to spend some time in Leon, one of the fundamental kingdoms of medieval Spain. In 1188, the city hosted the first Parliament in European history.
Is also part of the Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago).
Day 9 – Departure from Madrid – You will be taken to the Barajas Airport.

Day 1 – Madrid – You will be arriving at the welcoming city of Madrid.
Day 2 – Caín – Cain is a tiny village in the heart of the Picos de Europa, with stone houses, located in the province of Leon, crossed by River Cares and is the place from where we will walk the Cares Gorge.
Day 3 – Poncebos – In this hidden location between mountains lies the dam and the Funicular of Bulnes. The funicular will help us easier the next day’s walk. From here we have the possibility to access to the Rio Cares and enjoy its crystal clear waters.
Day 4 – Sotres – After a journey through the interior of the park, getting to Sotres. With about 100 inhabitants, Sotres is the highest Asturian village within the Picos de Europa mountain range and one of the most remote locations.
Day 5 & 6 – Potes – Potes, this Cantabrian village is one of the best known in the region and is also a mandatory stop location.
Its historic center is formed by narrow animated streets by trade and local products. Tourists do not resist photographing its narrow streets and find every little detail. Despite a major fire in the late ‘30s, that almost destroyed the village, today’s the historic center of Potes is considered a Cultural History Site.
Day 7 – Cangas de Ónis – It was the capital of the Kingdom of Asturias until 774DC also has happened here in 722 the Battle of Covadonga where Don Pelayo won the Moorish occupants. More recently, in 1978, the city became again the capital of the Principality of Asturias.
Day 8 – Madrid – Your last night will be spent in Madrid. If you decided to stay a few days more enjoying the city so we will say goodbye. Otherwise on the day after we will take you to the Airport.

Tour Dates / Reservation Deadline
17th to 25th June / 18th April
07th to 15th October / 08th August
or gather your group and select the schedule with lower prices, ask me 🙂

In the red circles of the map below, you can find the locations where we will be lodged during the tour, covering the most emblematic regions of the Picos de Europa.
The walks and other activities will take place in between the red circles.

08:00/08:30 – Breakfast.
09:00 – Departure for the day’s activities.
09:00/16:00 – Activities of the day as per Detailed Program, including meal times.
16:00 – Arrival at the accommodations.
16:00/19:00 – Free time.
20:00/21:00 – Dinner.

There is a schedule for each day, as per the Detailed Program, however the Guide will follow it in a relaxed way.
Naturally, the structure is only indicative and each day will follow its specific schedule.



How does it works?
Reservation forms and respective payment will be received until Reservation Deadline. Reservations are only considered effective with the respective payment.
If the minimum number of clients required for a tour is not fulfilled until the day after the Reservation Deadline I shall promptly return the Reservation fee in full.
If the minimum numbers of clients required for a tour is fulfilled on the day after the Reservation Deadline I will contact each client in order to receive the remaining values, as per “Price and Reservations”.
I will provide all required information’s in order to help client’s to prepare their travel.
Clients will be meet at the Madrid Airport upon their arrival and, at the end of the tour, they will be taken to the airport as well. Different arrangements will be agreed case-by-case.

Eight nights in double or twin room are included in the tour base price.
The chosen accommodations are small rural or mountain hotels usually classified as 2 stars or higher. Despite its simplicity of services, these sites have usual facilities such as private bath.
If you want to spend extra nights at the starting or ending location of the tour, we can provide you quotations for accommodations and other services that you require. If you want to hire services on your own, we will provide all liaison information’s you may require after confirming your reservation.

There will be three meals included in each tour day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please note some exceptions for the first and last days of the tour.
Breakfast: served by the hotel/accommodations where you will be lodged – from Day 2 to Day 9, breakfasts are included in the Base Price.
Lunch: depending of each tour day, lunch can be picnic style or in a local restaurant – from Day 2 to Day 8, lunches are included in the Base Price with no alcoholic drinks included.
Dinner: usually in a typical local restaurant with a “menu” regime, including one glass of juice, wine or beer – from Day 1 to Day 8, dinners are included in the Base Price.
Special arrangements will be dealt separately.
Specific dietary needs will be taken into account. Please refer your dietary requirements on your Reservation Form.
All tastings referred in the Program are included in the Base Price.

Luggage and backpack
Each client has a volume/weight luggage quota of 60 liters and/or 30Kg.
During the time of the walks or other activities you will have with you what you will need for the day. In the meantime your luggage will be taken to the hotel or will stay there depending if it’s a transfer day or not.
To carry your belongings during the walks or other activities you will need a 20 to 25 liters backpack.

Clothing, footwear and other individual items
We will be glad to provide you all the information you may need to help you to better prepare your travel.

Logistics and general support
There will be a logistical support vehicle allocated to the tour. All needed transfers listed in the detailed program are included in the tour price.
The walks were created to be Moderate Level, accessible to any person with any regular physical activity such as walking.
Throughout the day the support van may or may not be accessible because most of the walks will happen in trails where motorized vehicles can’t be used, except for emergency proposes.
So, by the time you will arrive to the hotel your luggage will be there waiting for you.

Detailed Program
The Detailed Program is part of the documentation that the participant receives when the tour is confirmed.

Plane flights
You can purchase directly your plane flights or through our travel agency partner, is your choice.
We will be glad to provide the respective quotations.

Please bear in mind: last minute reservations can result in increased costs and booking difficulties.

Tour Base Price – 1.650€
Includes: Accommodation (8 nights in double/twin room), breakfasts from Day 2 to Day 9, lunches/picnic from Day 2 to Day 8, dinners from Day 1 to Day 8 at menu regime, personal accident insurance, transfers from and to Barcelona Airport plus transfers between activities locations and all the tastings and guided visits referred in the Detailed Program.
Does not includes: plane tickets and everything else that is not expressly mentioned as included in this booklet.
Single room supplement: 200€
Reservation value and procedure: 600,00€ – Remaining amount paid in full until 15 days after Reservation Deadline.

The costs of cancellation are as follows:
90 days before 1st Tour Day – 0% of reservation
89-60 days before 1st Tour Day – 25% of reservation
59-45 days before 1st Tour Day – 50% of reservation
44-30 days before 1st Tour Day – 75% of reservation
29 days or less before 1st Tour Day – 100% of reservation
To cancel your reservation it is mandatory that an e-mail is sent from the same e-mail address used for the reservation. The amount will be transferred back to the same account used to the reservation.
Number of clients: Mín 6 and max 14 guests per tour.

Telephone: +351 914 794 553

In case you have any questions don’t hesitate to call me or send me an e-mail, I’ll be glad to help.
All your questions are important.