Salto do Cabrito, a handsome waterfall, São Miguel, Azores


Salto do Cabrito, a handsome waterfall, São Miguel, Azores

One cannot imagine this walk’s beauty before you did it. Its name is Salto do Cabrito, near Ribeira Grande at São Miguel, Azores.

The trail is marked to be done in the opposite way than the one I usually do it but I have my reasons. So, start walking at Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande where you can find some fumaroles making bubbles on the outdoor water tanks you can find there is a pleasant way of starting this adventure.

I find quite annoying walking on the tar roads. However, the surroundings are so lovely that it really doesn’t matter … or maybe I say so because I love the Azores.

Anyway, by the time you arrive at the small electric plant, you will have to climb some stairs to walk on a platform on top of some big tubes/pipes.

Well, you can find it odd but you will love it. It will allow you to have a top-bottom perspective that will be even better inside of a small canyon you will have to cross.

At the end of the canyon, you will find a handsome waterfall called Salto do Cabrito “little goat’s jump”.

A gorgeous place.

David Monteiro

Location: Caldeiras, Ribeira Grande, São Miguel, Azores

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