Accessing to the right photo spots for photography in Lisbon


Accessing the right photo spots for photography in Lisbon

For a travel photographer, accessing the right spots to shoot is often a problem for many reasons and in Lisbon that it is not different.

It starts by needing to know where the place is and to how to get there but is it doesn’t end here. Occasionally, a different angle looks like a new approach, in fact, new because there are not many photos or none taken from that particular location and we wonder why.

Personal safety and equipment safety are concerns that one has to bear in mind and some locations are not the best places to go with expensive photography equipment.

Also, there is the “time” constraint. So many places to go and so little time to spend.

As a local photographer, I’m offering tours for photographers depending on their specific or general interests.

If you are spending a couple of days in Lisbon or in the surroundings as you may well know, that is not too much time to photograph so you better take the most of it.

Give me a call.

David Monteiro

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