Jewish heritage of Castelo de Vide, Portugal


Jewish heritage of Castelo de Vide, Portugal

When looking for the Jewish heritage in Portugal Castelo de Vide has to be on the list.​

At Castelo de Vide you will find many points of interest like its medieval Castle and the village itself. However, the most important heritage you will find is its Jewish background.

Although often discarded for not been in the most touristic destinations, Castelo de Vide can take you to a time travel to the XV century when the Jewish community was expelled from Spain by the Catholic kings and came to the Portuguese border to establish their new settlements.

Later in Portugal, during the XVI century, the Jewish community found themselves trapped in a situation of not to be wanted but they couldn’t run away resulting to the confined in ghettos called “Judiarias” – Jewish quarters or neighborhoods.

What to see in Castelo de Vide?

Judiaria (Jewish quarters or neighborhoods)

Sinagoga (synagogue)
Casa do Arçario (Arçário House)

Fonte da Vila (Town’s Fountain)

If you are interested in the History of the Jewish community in Portugal, Castelo de Vide must be in your list.

David Monteiro

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