Relaxing at the SPA of Casas do Côro


Relaxing at the SPA of Casas do Côro

Relaxing at the SPA of Casas do Côro after a walk in the Côa Valley is an experience I definitively recommend.

You can spend a day chatting and walking on the rolling hills of the Côa Valley after having a marvelous home cooking food at Ervamoira, a wine farm from Ramos Pinto.

At this wine farm, you can also visit a rock art engravings site with more than 25.000 years old drawings … amazing.

After this good meal and a cultural moment in time for some walking.

The existence of several trails nearby gives you the opportunity to do a longer or a shorter walk as you please.

Walking is always a moment of chatting with your adventure companions at the time flies.

One way or the other one arrives tired at the end of the day and will be the perfect time to relax and there is no better place than the SPA of Casas do Côro … a massage followed by a warm bath … uuaauu …

The evening spent with friends and good wine is also unforgettable.

I can get used to this … and so do you.

Join me for a tour.

David Monteiro

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