David MonteiroWho is David Monteiro?

Well well, this is  the moment to speak about myself and that is quite a task.

Talking about myself is rrreeaaalllllyy boring but this will be the only way you will get to know the guy behind the scenes.

What a glorious day was the 16th May 1965 … oh oh, what a glorious day 🙂 in São Vicente, Cape Verde, this guy was born eheheeh    Let me drive you until Mindelo, the capital city from São Vicente.

At that time Cape Verde was a Portuguese colony and it became independent in 1975.

I live in Portugal since I was 4 years old and my closest family is also here. Anyway I keep a strong relation with Cap Verde where my sisters are still living and where my roots are.

I would looooove to say that since I was a boy I wanted to became a Tour Leader, that was perfect for this article, however that couldn’t be less true. In fact, when I was a kid I was not too much dedicated to sports … I was more of a XL boy 🙂 only later, when I was around 12 I started with sports and that changed everything.

Nevertheless, since the beginning of my professional life I had nothing to do with outdoors … I was a Financial Controller in an insurance company and later I became Head of Finance in a pharmaceutical company.

I keep my passion for the outdoors since my Boy Scouts time. Throughout the years time that passion became more serious and is now a professional activity.

Making a long story short, after a few years I get tired of working with numbers and I realized that my hobby was shifting to my professional life and I decided to embrace it.

Oh boy … since 2005 many things happened, many different tours was necessary until I realize what I really wanted to do and where I wanted to do it. From mountain hiking to ice climbing and cultural/museum tours I did it all.

Today I lead active vacations and cultural tours in Portugal and Spain and that is the main subject of this blog.

For me, Touring is more then a professional activity but a way of living. Showing our culture to my guests, our way of living, the food, wine and History gives me much pleasure.

As you can see in this blog/site photography also plays a big role in my tours.

The tours are designed to provide you wonderful vacation times and that is my main goal.


Don’t hesitate to contact me.

My e-mail address: david.monteiro@iberactive.com

My mobile number: +351 914 794 553 (Portugal)

David Monteiro

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