The Douro Valley Train Ride - Portugal

Taking the train ride along the Douro river is one of the experiences you should not miss when visiting the Douro Valley.

The scenery of the train sliding on the tracks, the river still waters with the wooden traditional boats carrying people to various locations are iconic pictures you may want to experience.

Please don’t expect a recent train but is not a very old one either. I can say is old enough to have a certain patina.

However, if you are spending some days at Porto to enjoy this little dream by yourself, only using public transportation, you might face some challenges.

To better explain myself I need you to bear in mind the sequence of the train stations, but only those will be needed during this explanation: Porto São Bento (…) Régua (…) Pinhão (…) Pocinho.

The most interesting area of the Douro Valley where to enjoy this train ride is in between Pinhão and Pocinho, the last third of the 3h20m train ride.

There are only four or five trains running per day each way.

Conclusion: you can take the 9:10 or 12:55 train at Porto São Bento, go all the way to Pocinho and you will be back to Porto again at 18:50 or 20:55, respectively.

This means you will need one complete day to fulfill this little project.

Does it worth it? Difficult to say, it is a personal assessment.

Naturally, during the Iberactive tours, we do not face this problem because we have our own logistic support and we have our own way of doing things.

We will be happy to have you on our tour, however, if you can’t or don’t want to join us, please check the following.

I will let you with two different possibilities, always considering you are at Porto:

1. Find a boat tour from Porto to Régua and return from Régua to Porto by train. The downfall of this solution is you will not visit the most interesting part of the Douro Valey, from Pinhão to Pocinho.

2. Take a train to Pinhão, have a traditional wooden boat ride and return to Porto

09:10 / 11:37 – train ride Porto São Bento / Pinhão

12:00 / 14:00 – Rabelo boat ride (the wooden traditional riverboats)

14:00 / 16:07 – free time to lunch and/or go on a wine cellar visit

16:07 / 18:50 – train ride Pinhão / Porto São Bento

I hope this is useful.

David Monteiro