Hand-Painted Tiles Tour

Immerse yourself in the rich world and history of Portuguese azulejos with the Iberactive’s Hand-Painted Tiles Ttour

Join the Hand-Painted Tiles Tour, crafted for art enthusiasts and led by a skilled ceramicist.

Despite originating in ancient Assyria and Babylon, Portugal distinguishes itself with extensive use of azulejos.

Since the late 16th century, Portugal has produced these decorative tiles, expanding their applications. In modern-day Lisbon, azulejos embellish building facades, street plaques, and shop panels.

Each historical period introduces a unique aesthetic, resonating individually with observers.

This tour provides a structured exploration of Portugal’s azulejo world, centered on Lisbon.

A visit to the National Azulejo Museum is indispensable, complemented by on-site observations in Lisbon.

While walking explorations are optional, car transport ensures comfort upon request.

Enjoy a lunch surrounded by azulejo decor, savoring traditional Portuguese cuisine.

An example of a hand-painted tiles day tour

  • 09:00 – We’ll meet you at your hotel in Lisbon or surrounding areas.
  • Morning – includes a guided visit to the National Tiles Museum.
  • Lunch – at a restaurant adorned with magnificent painted tiles.
  • Afternoon – continue the stroll, exploring iconic sites adorned with azulejos representing various historical eras.
  • 17:00 – Return to your hotel if it’s within Lisbon or its surrounding areas.

Please note that this plan serves as an illustrative example, and we are open to considering other tour possibilities to cater to your preferences.

National Tiles Museum

Hand painted tiles tour

Explore Lisbon’s captivating National Tiles Museum (Museu Nacional do Azulejo), a dedicated institution showcasing the artistry of traditional Portuguese ceramic tiles, azulejos.

Housed in the historic Madre de Deus Convent, the museum spans centuries of craftsmanship, offering a visual journey through the evolution of azulejos.

Marvel at the museum’s impressive display, featuring intricate designs and vibrant colors that tell unique stories.

Thematic arrangements provide insights into these tiles’ cultural and historical significance in Portugal.

Witness the evolution of techniques and styles over time, immersing yourself in the rich heritage of Portuguese tile craftsmanship.

The museum boasts an extensive collection and offers a deeper understanding of the tile-making process.

Explore tools, molds, and artifacts, engaging with educational exhibits and interactive displays that connect you with Portugal’s artistic heritage.

Visiting the National Tile Museum is a visual and immersive experience, weaving a fascinating narrative into Portugal’s cultural fabric.

Using hand-painted tiles on stores and buildings in Lisbon

Walking through Lisbon’s streets, you’ll be captivated by the beautiful hand-painted tiles known as azulejos. They can be found on buildings and signs throughout the city.

The intricate patterns and vibrant hues of these tiles contribute to the city’s unique aesthetic.

Each corner turned reveals a new canvas of history and artistry, as these hand-painted tiles beautifully narrate Lisbon’s architecture.

Azulejos are not merely decorative; they serve as visual markers, providing a sense of identity to the city.

Many stores proudly display hand-painted signs crafted from azulejos, creating a harmonious blend of commerce and art.

These storefronts, adorned with tiles that often reflect the nature of the business within, form an integral part of Lisbon’s cultural tapestry.

From quaint local shops to historic establishments, azulejos play a role in transforming everyday spaces into works of art.

Historical buildings in Lisbon bear testimony to the enduring legacy of azulejos.

As you stroll through the city, you’ll encounter majestic structures adorned with tiles that depict scenes from Portugal’s past.

Palaces, churches, and even humble residences showcase the versatility of azulejos, illustrating their ability to elevate the grandeur of architectural spaces.

Lisbon’s azulejo-covered facades invite both locals and visitors to engage with the city’s rich cultural narrative, making each street a living gallery of Portugal’s artistic heritage.

More details about the Hand Painted Tiles tour :

Starting/Ending Point: We can commence our tour from your hotel, particularly if it’s centrally located in Lisbon, or we’ll coordinate a mutually convenient meeting place.

Note: Pick-up and drop-off services are included in the price only when the hotels/lodgins are situated within a 15 km (9 mi) radius from the center of Lisbon, namely Rossio square.

Duration: This is a comprehensive full-day tour, up to eight hours, with a one-hour break for lunch.

Attire Suggestions: Opt for comfortable clothing and footwear.

Additional Precautions: For sun-drenched days, consider bringing along a hat or cap, sunglasses, a refillable water container, and sunscreen to stay comfortable. On colder or rainy days, it’s advisable to come prepared with umbrellas, warm attire, and weather-resistant footwear.

Special Note:

  • While Lisbon’s iconic sidewalks are a piece of the city’s history, it’s essential to note that heels may not be the most practical choice. We recommend wearing walking shoes or sneakers for a more enjoyable and comfortable exploration during the tour.
  • For sun-drenched days, consider bringing along a hat or cap, sunglasses, a refillable water container, and sunscreen to stay comfortable. On colder or rainy days, it’s advisable to come prepared with umbrellas, warm attire, and weather-resistant footwear.
  • Maximum group size: 7 people.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the vehicles we might use.


  • Full-day tour: 640€ up to five people + 75€ per each extra person.

Note: 7 people is the maximum group size.

Inclusions: Our comprehensive package includes all guide services, lunch in the restauran of our choosing not including alcoholic beverages, includes the National Tile Museum entrances, VAT, exclusive use of the vehicle if needed, complete fuel coverage, and all associated toll and parking expenses.

Exclusions: Please note that this tour does not cover the cost of food (except the included lunch), beverages, monument entries with the exception of the National Tile Museum, or any items not expressly mentioned in this description.


To secure your reservation, an initial payment of 320€ for the full-day tour is required. The remaining balance, if applicable, can be settled at the commencement of the tour.

Reservation Form: Kindly complete the form below to assist us in tailoring the tour to your specific needs. It’s important to note that the form is not an invoice or order.

Payment Request: Following the submission of your details, we will promptly send you a payment request. You can confirm the request if you are still interested in the tour or simply disregard it if your plans change and you are no longer interested.

Hand painted tiles tour request

Maximum 7 people
The Full Day Tour is an eight consecutive hours service, including a 1-hour break for lunch, starting not before 07:00 am and ending not after 07:00 pm.
The Full Day Tour is an eight consecutive hours service, including a 1-hour break for lunch, starting not before 07:00 am and ending not after 07:00 pm.
Whatever you want to let us know.


The cancellation costs are as follows:

  • Up to 90 days before the 1st Tour Day, bank fees are applied to the Reservation payment (*).
  • Between 89 and 60 days before the 1st Tour Day, a 25% charge of the Reservation is incurred.
  • Between 59 and 45 days before the 1st Tour Day, a 50% charge of the Reservation is incurred.
  • Between 44 and 30 days before the 1st Tour Day, a 75% charge of the Reservation is incurred.
  • 29 days or less before the 1st Tour Day, a 100% charge of the Reservation is incurred.
    (*) Note: VISA/Paypal charges us approximately 5% of all received values.

IMPORTANT: Please note that refunds will only be issued to the same account used for the original payment.

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