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Café Nicola, a “must visit” place in Lisbon

Café Nicola, a “must visit” place in Lisbon

The Café Nicola is one of the icons of Lisbon, is a “must visit” places in the city.

There are many fine examples of monuments, interesting buildings or just events started by foreigners in Lisbon or Portugal and the Nicola coffee shop is one of the most iconic in between those cases.

In 1755 Lisbon was greatly affected by a very destructive earthquake and the city had to be totally rebuilt.

The square where Nicola is located, called D Pedro IV square but generally known by the name of Rossio before the earthquake was an area where the military used to train or do their parades. At that old square, there was also probably the biggest hospital in Lisbon.

In 1787 an Italian gentleman called Nicola opened this coffee shop with his own name.

The coffee shop location was perfect. Quite close to the most elegant garden at the time, the “Passeio Público” (Public Promenade) where you could find the most influential people of the Lisbon society.

The “Passeio Público” no longer exists but the Nicola is still there proudly open and usually crowded.

It has been a meeting point for artists, politicians’, writers and other public figures.

I waited until Christmas time to take the picture … I absolutely love like that.

Enjoy the place.

David Monteiro

Note: Café Nicola, Praça Dom Pedro IV 24-25, 1200-091 Lisboa