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Off the beaten track vacations? Really?

Off the beaten track vacations? Really?

If you really wish for some vacations off the beaten track so consider going to the Lagoon of Taravilla … it will worth your time.

There are more people talking about doing some off the beaten track vacations than really doing it. You know that, right?

By the time people start to really do their bookings is when Madrid and Barcelona get’s most of their time and money. In this case I’m talking about Spain.

Please don’t get me wrong I really love Madrid and Barcelona is a fine place to visit.

But the true strong memories and bonding moments usually come from some time spent on more relaxed, natural and less complex environments or even from situations out of “civilization” where “things” happen.

It’s like writing or reading a book, flat scenes will not stick to your mind and they will just occupy pages of your book without leaving any trails.

On the other hand you have the extraordinary and then is when places like the Lagoon of Taravilla makes a huge difference to you and to those that matters and you will remember.

The photo:

My oldest sun Zé Monteiro, diving into the Lagoon of Taravilla.

Was a quite warm day on July and we was doing some walking and getting the best of each opportunity, like this one.

The area is amazing. The water comes from the river Tagus, not too far from its spring and is abslutly cristal clear.

Have fun,

David Monteiro

Location of the Lagoon of Taravilla: Lat N40 39 02 / Long E0 01 58