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Porto Covo and the Pessegueiro Island, Portugal

Porto Covo and the Pessegueiro Island, Portugal

Back to 1986, a Portuguese rock singer (Rui Veloso) releases a music called Porto Covo and Bang … this little coastal village is now on the map, everybody knows about a place that used to be a relaxing spot for vacations.

The music tells you about a certain time when you could camp on the beach surrounded by other young chaps doing exactly the same and when cheap wine was the perfect companion for a grilled seabream recently caught by the local fishermen.

Is also mentioned a legend about a peach tree that used to exist on the island, the Pessegueiro island (Peach Tree Island) planted by a Vizier of Odemira, during the Moorish occupation.

About the fruit tree, I do not have any kind of information but if the island could talk it would tell us incredible stories of pirates and invasions by terrible enemies.

Nowadays you can see some ruins on the island. They are from an old fortress from the XVI century.

On the mainland in front of the island, you can also find a more recent fortress also abandoned.

During the summer both the beach in front of the island and the beaches of Porto Covo have a lot of people.

None of the less, they are gorgeous and a few magazines and newspapers already classified these areas among the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Have fun.

David Monteiro