Douro Valley tour
Lisbon, Porto, Douro Valley, Évora and more
Douro Valley tour
Lisbon, Porto, Douro Valley, Évora and more
Douro Valley tour
Lisbon, Porto, Douro Valley, Évora and more

Douro Valley Tour Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 – Landing in Lisbon for the Douro Valley Tour

An Iberactive representative will be waiting for you at the Lisbon airport and will take you to your hotel where you will have access to your room after 2:00 pm.

Anyway, your luggage can be left at the hotel and your Tour Leader will join you for activities.

A morning and an afternoon walk, are planned for the day.

Depending on your specific flight arrangements, so you will participate in both or just one of them and the Tour Leader will organize how to meet you.

If you feel tired you can skip the walks and enjoy your time to rest.

Overnight: 4 stars hotel in the city center to be assigned

Meals included: Lunch and dinner.

Douro Valley Tour Detailed Itinerary - National Tiles Museum, Lisbon
National Tiles Museum, Lisbon

Day 2 – Belém, Tiles Museum and central Lisbon

The day will start with a van tour to the Belém area, where the Jerónimos Monastery and the custard cakes factory are located, among many other interesting sites.

After a nice light lunch, your Tour Leader will drive you to the National Tiles Museum, in a different part of town, where you can learn about the Portuguese tiles heritage.

The afternoon will be spent either with a walk-in central Lisbon or with other options available at the time.

Overnight: 4 stars hotel in the city center to be assigned

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Douro Valley Tour Detailed Itinerary - Pena Palace, Sintra
Located in the Sintra hills, the Park and Palace of Pena are the fruit of King Ferdinand II’s creative genius

Day 3 – Sintra, the Pena Palace, Cape Roca, and Cascais

This will be a busy day, starting with a guided visit to the Pena Palace, followed by a short walk in Sintra, the Portuguese capital of Romanticism. Lunch can happen in the village or in the surroundings.

After lunch, the Douro Valley Tour Leader will take the group for a visit to the westernmost point of Europe mainland, the Roca Cape and right after you will be transferred to Cascais where you will have a short urban walk at this gorgeous village by the sea.

Returning back to Lisbon is a lovely ride along the sea until the Tejo river mouth.

Douro Valley Tour Detailed Itinerary - street view of Óbidos

Street view of Óbidos, a medieval village located north of Lisbon

Day 4 – Óbidos, Fátima and the Convent of Christ

It is time to leave Lisbon and head north.

Not too far from Lisbon, Óbidos will be waiting for the group, where a walk in this small medieval village will be the best way to get to know it. This very well preserved medieval village used to serve as a wedding gift to queens and here you can taste the famous sour liquor served in a chocolate cup.

When driving to Knight’s Templar’s monument, the Convent of Christ, the group will stop at Fátima for a short visit or maybe lunch. Independently of one’s beliefs,

Fátima is deeply part of the Portuguese culture, as Portugal being a catholic country.

The Convent of Christ, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was the headquarters of the Templars Knights and is an amazing monument to visit.

Overnight: Hotel dos Templários, at Tomar.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Overnight: 4 stars hotel in Lisbon city center to be assigned.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Douro Valley Tour Detailed Itinerary - Martialva's castle
Marialva is one of the twelve Historic Villages

Day 5 – Portuguese Jewish heritage at Belmonte and Marialva

This will be a transfer day, although a long ride, it worth each minute due to the dramatic change in the landscape.

Belmonte and Marialva are two of twelve villages called “Historical Villages”, full of centuries-old granite houses built long before Portugal was an existing country. The Jewish heritage of these two villages is worth to visit and quite dear to the locals, some Jewish themselves.

One of the highlights of the day is the group’s lodging place, a village turned into a charming hotel, Casas do Coro at Marialva.

At Marialva the group will be guided by a local to visit the castle and talk about the village’s background.

Overnight: Casas do Côro, at Marialva.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Douro Valley Tour Detailed Itinerary - Marialva, Portugal
Douro Valley Tour Detailed Itinerary – Marialva, Portugal

Day 6 – Marialva and Trancoso

This day of the Douro Valley Tour will start with a countryside walk in between farming fields to see the fruit trees, like almond trees, persimmon trees, quince trees and, naturally, olive trees.

This trail allows a gorgeous view of the Marialva’s castle and also creates possibilities to talk with the local farmers.

If possible, a nice lunch with some local folks will delight you and, after that, will the perfect time to visit the Trancoso castle not too far from Marialva.

Trancoso is part of the above-mentioned set of twelve “Historical Villages” and also where a quite known Portuguese king, D. Dinis, gets married to D. Isabel, a queen that later became a saint.

Overnight: Casas do Côro, at Marialva.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Douro Valley Tour Detailed Itinerary - Portwine
Having a Portwine galss during a traditional wooden boat ride on the Douro river, it can get better than this.

Day 7 – Pinhão, the heart of the Douro Valley Tour

During this transfer, olive trees, almond trees and mountain hills covered with vineyards without end will be the landscape postcard you can expect.

On the way, a stop at an astonishing viewpoint will give you the perfect landscape photo opportunity of the Douro Valley.

The Douro Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and there you will easily understand why.

Pinhão, where the group will be lodged, is a small village considered the heart of the Douro Valley and around where very fine Port wine is produced to later be shipped all over the world.

The day will be spent between wine tasting, walks along the river and a traditional wooden boat ride on the river Douro.

Overnight: Quinta de La Rosa, at Pinhão.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Mateus Palace, Portugal
Mateus Palace. You might remember it from the Mateus wine label.

Day 8 – The Mateus Palace and the Minho region

Do you remember a quite famous Portuguese wine called Mateus? Maybe you do. On its label there was, and there is still, an image of a palace and that is the palace you are supposed to visit on this day. It is a 17th-century palace with quite sizable gardens with flowers, fruit trees, and vineyards.

The relation between the palace and Mateus Rosé wine will be also revealed.

From the mountainous vineyards you will move to greener areas, where rolling hills and dramatic granite mountains are not too far from each other and where the land of the Vinho Verde is, the Minho region.

The group will be lodged in a 17th-century manor house and, depending on his availability, the group can meet Count Calheiros, the owner of this wonderful estate that already received kings and queens.

Overnight: Paço de Calheiros, at Ponte de Lima.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Geres National Park, Portugal
Walking trail – Geres National Park, Portugal

Day 9 – Gerês National Park

There is only one national park in Portugal, is called Peneda Gerês National Park and will be the group’s destination on this day.

The Park is composed of an area near a village called Gerês and another area at the Peneda which is the most remote, less visited, with more rugged hills and that is where you will be taken to visit.

Places like Lindoso and Soajo will be repeated during the day and you will be introduced to the old ways of growing and storing corn on these areas.

Impressive stone constructions, called “espigueiros” were used to store corn since the 18th century and they are still in perfect condition.

A short walk in the National Park will give you the right feeling of it before tasting the local food. Beef baked in wine sauce or a mix of local vegetables are options for your lunch.

During the afternoon you can spend some leisure time in the manor house, using the swimming pool or walking in between the Count’s vineyards.

Overnight: Paço de Calheiros, at Ponte de Lima.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Porto, Portugal
City view of Porto, Portugal

Day 10 – Porto, the Invictus city

After some days away from the busy life of a big city, it is time to visit Porto the Invictus city and during the guided visit you will learn why the city is called that way.

In Porto, you will have a rare opportunity for some shopping after a guided walking tour in the most iconic areas.

During this guided walk you will see churches covered with hand-painted tiles, 18th-century buildings, the traditional neighborhood called Ribeira and taste some local pastries.

Some traditional dishes are too extreme for foreigners but, how knows, maybe you will like them. For sure you will be given the chance to taste them and the options will be yours.

Don’t forget your camera because the guided tour will take you to panoramic views of the city.

Overnight: 4 stars hotel in Porto city center to be assigned.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

City view of Porto, Portugal
City view of Porto, Portugal

Day 11 – Casa de Serralves, not only a cultural center

This day of the Douro Valley Tour will be dedicated to two main aspects that can best describe Porto’s ambiance: trade and culture.

Because of that, a free visit to the contemporary art center of Casa de Serralves and its gardens and a guided visit to the Palácio da Bolsa is a must-do.

The Palácio da Bolsa is the headquarters and property of Associação Comercial do Porto. A neoclassical style building, whose construction started on the 6th of October 1842.

A visit to Serralves Villa offers a chance to take a trip back in time: to this unique example of Art Deco architecture, built in the 1930s.

The Serralves Museum is the foremost museum for contemporary art in Portugal, uniquely sited on the grounds of the Serralves Estate, which also comprises a Park and a Villa.

The day will end with Fado for dinner. Fado is Portuguese traditional music classified by UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Overnight: 4 stars hotel in Porto city center to be assigned.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Coimbra's University, Portugal
Coimbra’s University the socond oldest university in Europe.

Day 12 – Stopping at Coimbra on the way to Évora

Coimbra is known for many reasons but two of them are probably more famous: the university and its students.

The University is one of the oldest universities in the world, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and symbol of the town. One can’t think about Coimbra without thinking about the university and many of the most prominent Portuguese figures came from this university.

Coimbra’s students are also part of the life of the town and they are responsible for a different Fado style.

It is a long transfer to Évora and there will be an opportunity to stop at Conimbriga, a very well preserved Roman site, an old Roman bath.

On arriving at Convento do Espinheiro, where the group will be lodged, a guided tour inside the monument/hotel will give you a better idea of impressive the place is.

Overnight: Convento do Espinheiro, at Évora.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Roman heritage in Évora, Portugal
Roman ruins in Évora, Portugal

Day 13 – Évora and its megalithic monuments

Évora has an impressive medieval heritage as well as a Roman heritage.

In town, after a guided walk to introduce you to the several monuments in Évora and before tasting the local food, you can decide for a free visit to one of the several sites.

After lunch, it will be time for a special visit, to the Almendres Cromlech also called the Portuguese Stonehenge.

Although not very known, this megalithic site is more than two thousand years older than Stonehenge, can you imagine?

Having some rest and enjoying the lovely Convento do Espinheiro, where the group will be lodged is also part of the afternoon before leaving for dinner in a local restaurant in town.

In town, there are several restaurants where the local gastronomy can be tasted.

The gastronomy from Alentejo, the region, is known and very appreciated by most Portuguese people.

You will tell us your opinion later.

Overnight: Convento do Espinheiro, at Évora.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon’s night view

Day 14 – Transfer to Lisbon

It’s time to return to Lisbon.

In Lisbon but not before visiting the “Cristo Rei” a tall statue of Christ standing in front of Lisbon, on the south bank of the River Tejo. From the top the view over the city is astonishing.

The group will arrive in Lisbon at lunchtime and after lunch, you will have some free time for your personal doings.

Because you will be lodged at the Lisbon city center, you will be at a walkable distance from many interesting stores, monuments, and interesting sites.

The farewell dinner be arranged in a special restaurante and is where you will say goodbye to your Douro Valley Tour Leader.

Overnight: 4 stars hotel in Lisbon city center to be assigned.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Day 15 – Departure

An Iberactive representative will take you to the airport at a scheduled hour depending on your flight arrangements.

Meals included: Breakfast

Douro Valley Tour Leader’s articles

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Tour Leader

David Monteiro – Tour Leader

Hello dear guest,

I’m David Monteiro and I will be your Tour Leader.

I was a CPA in Portugal for more than 20 years, having managerial positions in several multinational companies when in 2005 I decided to change gear and stop for a sabbatical year.

After that, nothing was the same again. In the meantime, I found a new dream: tourism.

Easier to dream about it than actually doing it, I had to struggle for a few years to move this project ahead.

In 2007, the first brand was created, “Montes e Vales” (meaning “Hills and Valleys”) started providing tours for individuals and team-building events for corporations. In this context and since the startup, we’ve been intensely providing walking and hiking tours in Portugal and Spain, and providing team-building events for big Portuguese and international companies in Portugal.

In 2010, to complement the above-mentioned business, a few weeks per year, I start guiding walking tour in Portugal and Spain for US-based companies and also providing other kinds of support services to active tours, and the Iberactive brand started.

I’m passionate about History, photography, arts, culture, and gastronomy.

Please call me in case you have any doubt. I’m here to help you make this program one of the best tours you ever had.

Hope to see you soon,
David Monteiro
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The Douro Valley Tour in a nutshell

A guided active tour in Portugal by

Tour dates: select 15 consecutive days and we will check the availability

If you have your own group, with 2 or more people, please let us know and we will organize a private tour for you.

Tour Price: 5.500USD per person.

Including: 14 overnights sharing a standard double room, 14 breakfasts, 14 lunches, all transfers in the tour, all guided tours of the program and so much more.

Single room supplement: 800USD

Number of participants: this tour will operate with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 participants. In case you have a more numerous group, please let us and the tour will be suited for the specific size.

Accommodations: All the hotels and other accommodations mentioned, are considering their availability at reservation time. In case a referred hotel is not available, a same level or higher hotel/accommodation will be selected. Due to high demand for Lisbon and Porto, the hotels to be used are not going to be referred but they will be selected in between modern 4 stars hotels in the city center.

Breakfast: to be served by the hotel.

Lunches and dinners: The included options, for dishes and wines, are those to be mentioned at the respective time by the Tour Leader.

Flights not included. To better organize your flights, please consider the Lisbon Airport, landing on tour’s Day 1 and departure also from Lisbon Airport at tour’s Day 15.
There will be an Iberactive’s representative to meet you at the Lisbon Airport at your arrival on tour’s Day 1 and to take to the Lisbon Airport at your departure on Day 15.


500USD at any time to guarantee your place.
Balance 90 days before the 1st Tour Day.


The costs of cancellation are as follows:
90 days before 1st Tour Day – 0% of reservation
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